New Beginnings

Sewing This Year involves involves more than just Sewing....

This year, I really want the student's to develop and allow their creative juices to flow. The familiarity of any art or science is perfected with use, known as a skill. The more you use any skill, the more comfortable you become and the more your mind expands in creativity, needless to say the many Small Businesses looking for someone to Help Sew their Garments or Bags. Soul Collection's (me) is one of those Businesses ;). There are also Street Fairs & Flea Markets all throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan & Jersey looking for New Designers with New Ideas, whether it's clothing, home furnishing, or accessories and as one of my new students mentioned alterations. You can develop a Small Business from any of these, and it's fine too, if you're learning to sew to make clothing for yourself. Any way you use it, you are helping the economy, whether it's purchasing fabric, being employed or becoming the employer.
Sewing is a much acquired skill that is always needed.
The message to start off the year that I received is "No Procastination" & why we procastinate. Ironically, the first week of the year, I went into an artstore that I frequent often, and in plain site was a book being sold on How to Procastinate! Of course, I opened it up & read a couple of pages & it was quite hilarious. (lol) But although I wanted to purchase it, just as a jokingly type of book to have, at the same time, I did not want any of those thoughts in my spirit that we in actuality do, {that's why the book was so funny}, and to be honest sometimes I really don't feel like doing anything! So, I thought best not to entertain any thoughts or encourage myself to do what I could do all by myself without the added humor.
This Year is a year of fulfilling Goals. When you set goals, you are breaking down the components necessary to accomplish that goal. And goals can only be done if you Write them down from Start to Finish. I personally can not get much and sometimes anything accomplished unless I write it down. How are you going to start? When are you going to start? Are you going to get up early, stay up later, or manage your time better? What is needed to start? What are the inbetween stages? When do you want to finish or accomplish the goal? Writing puts everything in perspective, so that You can achieve your dreams. Write the Vision, make it plain! Whose vision is it? It's your vision, make things happen for yourself!
The Number 10 equals Completeness
10 years equals a New Decade
New Beginnings


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