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Sewing has become a Lost Art with our busy schedules of working vs. passionate giftings. However, there are many different needs of people and business where sewing is a benefactor to another source of income, or the answer to what you've been looking for in stores to fit your own sense of style. Here is a prime example of a need when a friend of mine was suggesting of more stores that specialize in tops for heavier busted women w/small bottoms! I have a returning student for Patternmaking who only wants to learn to do Yoga Bags & Yoga Pants, another who is innovative w/Swim Bags & Swim Suits, and yet another who only wants to do Jean Skirts & High Waisted Skirts! Your Creative Imagination is endless & Sewing with creativity of the mind and focus on a niche is a very much valued skill! However, just like anything else, practice makes perfect, the more you practice the better you are.

Everyone is born with their uniqueness and creativity. We each have special giftings and talents (abilities) that are different from one another beneficial to our lives & to the lives of others. The key is finding your "niche". What is your "niche"? A "Niche" is something specially suited to your interest, ability, or nature. Take time out to search out what "you" like to do and Get Started!

'the brain is for creativity not for storage' author unknown

So what do I do? encase you happened to not know :) is I teach. That is my gifting. {I also have another blog/website that deals with the development of our creative minds spiritually that you may happen to see} I have been teaching Sewing, Patternmaking since 2005 w/some new Draping Workshops added this year. I enjoy working w/my hands as well, and design as a hobby specializing in Outerwear Jackets and some Designer Separates. I currently have 7 students, which is the norm almost every month, and which is about all that can fit into the space, so far booked up to and including October for Sewing Classes. I meet lots of unique creative individuals not only from N.Y, but visiting from India, Belgium, South Africa just to name a few w/ideas in mind but looking for an outlet or help to bring into fruition. And what is also interesting is that the careers of the indiviuals I've met has been an Ambassador First Secretary @ the U.N. representing Namibia, South Africa, a Math Professor from John Jay Criminal Justice, Police Officer, Belly Dancer, Computer Technician, Financial Advisor, Retiree, Highschool Teacher, Insurance Provider, Mental Health Counselor, and the lists go on w/individuals exploring other avenues of interests. It has been a nonstop summer in the Art of Sewing!

So, I will be sharing with you a few interesting techniques I learned on my trip to New Mexico @ the Sewing Convention this year along with some stepping stones I've learned about Business and Teaching as we progress into the world of Sewing, which for me, encompasses Patternmaking & Design. Also, I recently became a member of the American Sewing Guild Society, which I recommend highly especially for all younger people to join. And incidentally, I was surprised to find out there is not a Chapter here for the ASG in NYC. Unfortunately, I am too busy to start one ;)

Please feel free to ask me questions that I may possibly be able to help you with to reach your goal.
I am also very happy to annouce Soul Collection's 1st Intern started this month as a Design Patternmaker!! She currently is a sewing student learning how to sew, and has completed the Intensive Patternmaking Course earlier this year. She will be a big help to me with Soul Collection's Jacket Line & helping out for a friend of mine @ pippihepburn. She is excited about learning (which is key) how everything comes together. I will also be incorporating Online Classes for Advanced Sewing & Patternmaking coming soon.

So come along & be a part of this creative community

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Soul Collection Courses