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I once heard "If you want to change your life, look at the people around you"
and then to get started on your life, "Find 3 things about you  that you Know you do skillfully and here lays your gifts & talents."
Soul Collections has been off to a busy start in Twenty Thirteen.  2013 is the Year of New Things & New Beginnings. And I'm looking forward to what's ahead! So what's new?

I've introduced a New Tote Bag for the Beginner's Sewing Classes which replaces the slightly more challenged vinyl Chic Lunch Tote. This tote bag is big enough to carry all your other extra items to work :)

And the Advanced Coats, Jackets & Blazers Sewing Class has started with students making fully lined fun Jackets or Blazers! I am so excited about this class, because the lining just gives the garment so much elegance.


I have to sometimes make time out of no time possibly staying up later on occasion to be a little more ahead of myself the next day. But one thing is for certain is time waits for no one & what we do with our time determines our future.
 Soul Collections now has 2 interns :) wonderful aspiring young ladies. Tanisha who has been w/me for about 2 years now & new Amari, a 15 year old Performing Arts Student who was accepted into the Harlem Gospel Choir recently. Both girls have been a Tremendous Blessing to Soul Collections in helping get things done from cutting Patterns, Sewing samples, Drawing Flats for the upcoming Pattern line! These two young ladies have Great Futures ahead of them because of their Determination, which is key to Success. If you want to become something, you have to do something.
Thank you for reading, until next time in March..

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year
Twenty Thirteen!

Wishing Everyone a Great Year Ahead!

Happy New Year 2013!
Thank you for Reading my Posts!

Flat Patternmaking - Coats & Jackets Class

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!!
I hope you have a Wonderful Joyous Christmas Day w/your family & friends thanking Jesus for Giving His Life for Us.
And I am Sorry for the long intermission..Time just seems to fly by lately...Soul Collections has been busy, busy, busy in this Fall Transitioning to Winter Season as well as Preparing for 2013!
Soul Collection's Coats & Jackets Sewing Class has Started where students can learn Advanced Sewing Skills in applying Lining, Interfacing, Suri, Separate Zipper Application, Collars & Hand Sewing :)

Kathleen is furthering her Patternmaking Experience since perfecting her Pant in Pant Patternmaking by making a Coat Pattern from the Slopers she drafted in Soul Collection's Basic Flat Patternmaking Class. Problem: In Pant Patternmaking, Kathleen's Pant was Bowing slightly @ the Sides (Outseam) showing the Grain line off center on her legs. Correction: I pinned the Outseam until the Grain line was @ the Center of her leg. This method in Patternmaking is called Slash & Close. So Kathleen had to Slash & Close her Sloper the amount I pinned out @ the Outseam to 0" @ C.Frt & C.B Rise. Just be sure to Lower the Crotch Seam the same amount that was shortened @ the Outseam.
Now Kathleen's Torso Sloper we drafted from her measurements as well & fit her almost perfectly. We added to the Shoulders to Balance the Pattern @ Front & Back, and she just needs a little extra width near the abdomen, which has corrected @ home. The Torso Sloper allows you to make Tunics, Dresses & the Jacket or Coat she decides to design for the Coats & Jackets Class!

Beginner's Sewing Students were busy cutting out their Home Decor Pillows and completing their Paperbag Waist Skirt.

And in the New Year, Soul Collections will be giving away 1 Computerized Sewing Machine. Students have a chance to win by joining the class :) 
Hope to see you in the New Year (It's going to be a Good Year)

Election Day

Election Day!
I hope everyone Voted today!!

Blog you Tomorrow!

Dear Readers
Well Hurricane Sandy really swept through the N.Y, N.J area and my prayers go out to those who lost loved ones and whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath. There are some places that were just devastated and lives were not lost in the severe devastation. Right now, there isn't any subway transportation due the water in the tunnels,  and no power in the city Manhattan from about 39th Street down into the teens, so I have been home.
But let us pray for one another so God can heal the land.

Sewing Supplies

Hello  Readers

A while ago, I posted a blog about Sewing Supplies. Well my students made a request for what sewing supplies should they get... I'm re posting ~ Sew, Let's talk about...

What do you need to get started?

You will need a good Sewing Machine, (try to catch a good sale btwn $75 - $100, Walmart online has a Variety of Sewing Machines :) and around Christmas, you can purchase some of the best Electronic Sewing Machines for less than $200). This Sewing Machine is a Euro Pro Deluxe, I like this one because it can sew thru multiple or thick layers of fabric, such as Jeans & Leather.

2 pairs of scissors, a pair of Fabric Sheers & the other Paper scissors, Pinking Shears is good to have if you do not have an Over lock Machine or Serger to finish the edges of the seam allowances. "Pinking" the seam allowances prevents the fabric from fraying. You will need a seam ripper for certain, 100% polyester thread or All purpose Thread, bobbins that fit your machine, Straight Pins, Hand Needles, Thimble (if you want) Pin Cushion or Magnetic Pin box is a must, Tape Measure and good to have a Sewing Gauge or a Plastic Ruler, good Iron & Ironing board or Iron Mat, pressing cloth, Thread holder a must eventually, Bobbin holder or Ziploc bag to hold everything in & Tailor's chalk or a Fabric Marker. Eventually, you will obtain a thread rack & lots of other supplies for sewing, such as stitch witchery, wonder tape, steam a seam, tailor's ham, seam roll, sleeve board, rotary cutter & cutting board, snap gun, kwik trace (good for tracing & maintaining your patterns in all sizes) tweezers, beeswax (good for threading the needle), Needle Threader, Point Turner, and many other gadgets you'll accumulate over time as you start building upon your sewing skills. I also keep extra zippers, stretch elastic, buttons in a jar, fusible interfacing (very important) and hook & eye closures on hand for when I feel like making a quick bottom to wear. A sewing table is helpful, but a sturdy fold-up table works just the same!

As far as Presser Feet for your machine, usually a New Sewing Machine comes with a Zipper Foot, Universal Foot & sometimes a Buttonhole Foot.  And eventually you will want to invest in an Edge Stitch Foot. It's the best presser foot to have for your machine. It makes sewing Hems, Binding, Under stitching, Pintucks, {anything where you need a 1/16" or 1/8" perfect stitch along the edge of a narrow seam} easy! And an Invisible Zipper Foot, which is the easiest of the zipper applications to apply. And the Sewing Book that I like the best is The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing.

I hope this is helpful for you :)


Hello Readers
Welcome Back!

We are now in Fall, which means Transition and to Move and be In Action. In August, I took a break & traveled to Jerusalem, Israel for vacation :) And it was the Best vacation I have ever had, mainly because of its Biblical Influence. I think I blogged before that I am getting my Bachelor's now in Theology, (w/four classes this year) so from this standpoint, I can visualize what I am reading.  I was truly blessed by the many sites we saw of Actual Ancient excavations from the time Jesus was there. It was an experience of a lifetime. So here are a few pics of some from my trip to Israel...and I am hoping to go again :)

Here is the Oldest Tree over 2000 years old in the Garden of Gethsemane, a witness to Jesus prayer in this Garden.

The only portion of the Roman Amphitheater in Caesarea

me @ the Dome of the Rock

This Ancient Boat was excavated in the 1st Century AD & preserved, which may very well be the boat Jesus & His Disciples were on in the Sea of Galilee

Well I can go on & on, but my blog is about Soul Collection's Sewing, Fashion, Design & Careers in Fashion. So in my last blog I mentioned about Purpose. Purpose is Dynamic!
"When you Use your gifts, talents & abilities to meet human needs, you are Living in Your Purpose."
Pastor A.R. Bernard

Within the Fashion Industry, Technical Design is the fastest growing Career you could ever decide to get into.  Salaries are coming back to where they were about 10 years ago. Technical Design deals w/the Production aspect of Design either Apparel, which is more common, but there is also Technical Designers for Home (Sheets, Pillows, etc) & Accessories. One of my students who has taken Soul Collection's Technical Design Training Course is now an Assistant Technical Designer for an Accessory Designer doing Hats & Scarves. Technical Design deals w/the Measurements, Fit & Construction of the Design. We make it Fit for the target Customer :) I will be periodically posting how to make a garment fit better or a bra...I currently have added to my repertoire bra's.

September is back in full swing @ Soul Collections jump starting w/Computer Patternmaking, where students w/minimum to no experience in Flat Patternmaking can learn how to make their own Patterns w/Garment Designer Software.

Soul Collections Sewing Class starts the Fall w/a New Beginner's Skirt, a Jacket/Coat Class & Make Your Own Jeans.

See you soon @ Soul Collections 

Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses