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Greetings Everyone!

This blog is dedicated to the Gifted & Talented, which means YOU! We are all born with innate Talents that for some may need to be cultivated, and for others may come naturally. For instance, Jason, has a talent as a designer, but yet with a special gift to be able to create and design with limited resources. Jason designed an entire line for his Senior Final Project with a very limited amount of funds (similar to the Project Runway challenges) all involving 3 piece outfits, and he utilized all of the scraps of fabric for decorative embellishments, along w/creating yardage out of his jeans to design a jacket taking some of the pockets & stitching them on sleeves to create his look. He recently designed a samurai costume with the fabric he had & some rope. However, Jason did not have elastic for the waist of the pants, and innovatively clipped into the waist all around to form tunnels & threaded the rope thru for his drawstring, very clever! i wouldn't have thought of that! Jason actually loves creating something from nothing!

Anthony can think up recipes off the top of his head without even being in the kitchen!! I told him that is his gift & how he needs to develop an easy cookbook. So now he is going to take on the challenge & develop one. He wanted to know how to make collard greens. Well I'm not from the south, so how I make them is probably not that great, but he suggested how he was going to make them in less than 3 minutes and it had my mouth watering, & incidentally it wasn't the familiar southern way. But I don't want to give away his recipe (lol) we'll have to wait for his cookbook!

My brother has been gifted & talented to draw, ever since he was able to write practically. He could draw anything out of his head that was so realistic, he is truly an artist, and my little nephew may not be far behind. Me on the other hand, learned how to sew at a very early age & enjoyed making my own clothes. But later on focusing on my career as a Technical Designer, I had to look for my talents & gifting working out what I really liked to do. The gifts and talents within me is tactile, and visual, creative, working with my hands & challenging my mind, I just had to cultivate the gift.

Sew, whether you do naturally or have to work at it, find out what you really like to do: And the more you cultivate it, the more you will grow.


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