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I once heard "If you want to change your life, look at the people around you"
and then to get started on your life, "Find 3 things about you  that you Know you do skillfully and here lays your gifts & talents."
Soul Collections has been off to a busy start in Twenty Thirteen.  2013 is the Year of New Things & New Beginnings. And I'm looking forward to what's ahead! So what's new?

I've introduced a New Tote Bag for the Beginner's Sewing Classes which replaces the slightly more challenged vinyl Chic Lunch Tote. This tote bag is big enough to carry all your other extra items to work :)

And the Advanced Coats, Jackets & Blazers Sewing Class has started with students making fully lined fun Jackets or Blazers! I am so excited about this class, because the lining just gives the garment so much elegance.


I have to sometimes make time out of no time possibly staying up later on occasion to be a little more ahead of myself the next day. But one thing is for certain is time waits for no one & what we do with our time determines our future.
 Soul Collections now has 2 interns :) wonderful aspiring young ladies. Tanisha who has been w/me for about 2 years now & new Amari, a 15 year old Performing Arts Student who was accepted into the Harlem Gospel Choir recently. Both girls have been a Tremendous Blessing to Soul Collections in helping get things done from cutting Patterns, Sewing samples, Drawing Flats for the upcoming Pattern line! These two young ladies have Great Futures ahead of them because of their Determination, which is key to Success. If you want to become something, you have to do something.
Thank you for reading, until next time in March..


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses