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We are now in Fall, which means Transition and to Move and be In Action. In August, I took a break & traveled to Jerusalem, Israel for vacation :) And it was the Best vacation I have ever had, mainly because of its Biblical Influence. I think I blogged before that I am getting my Bachelor's now in Theology, (w/four classes this year) so from this standpoint, I can visualize what I am reading.  I was truly blessed by the many sites we saw of Actual Ancient excavations from the time Jesus was there. It was an experience of a lifetime. So here are a few pics of some from my trip to Israel...and I am hoping to go again :)

Here is the Oldest Tree over 2000 years old in the Garden of Gethsemane, a witness to Jesus prayer in this Garden.

The only portion of the Roman Amphitheater in Caesarea

me @ the Dome of the Rock

This Ancient Boat was excavated in the 1st Century AD & preserved, which may very well be the boat Jesus & His Disciples were on in the Sea of Galilee

Well I can go on & on, but my blog is about Soul Collection's Sewing, Fashion, Design & Careers in Fashion. So in my last blog I mentioned about Purpose. Purpose is Dynamic!
"When you Use your gifts, talents & abilities to meet human needs, you are Living in Your Purpose."
Pastor A.R. Bernard

Within the Fashion Industry, Technical Design is the fastest growing Career you could ever decide to get into.  Salaries are coming back to where they were about 10 years ago. Technical Design deals w/the Production aspect of Design either Apparel, which is more common, but there is also Technical Designers for Home (Sheets, Pillows, etc) & Accessories. One of my students who has taken Soul Collection's Technical Design Training Course is now an Assistant Technical Designer for an Accessory Designer doing Hats & Scarves. Technical Design deals w/the Measurements, Fit & Construction of the Design. We make it Fit for the target Customer :) I will be periodically posting how to make a garment fit better or a bra...I currently have added to my repertoire bra's.

September is back in full swing @ Soul Collections jump starting w/Computer Patternmaking, where students w/minimum to no experience in Flat Patternmaking can learn how to make their own Patterns w/Garment Designer Software.

Soul Collections Sewing Class starts the Fall w/a New Beginner's Skirt, a Jacket/Coat Class & Make Your Own Jeans.

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October 11, 2012 at 5:54 PM

Thanks Shannon. Also saw the blurb on facebook,but glad I came to your site for the full story. :-). I'm trying to slowly organize my sewing stuff in my apt (1 bedroom). Want to organize first, see what I have before I venture out and buy things I may not need. :-)

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