Sewing w/Purpose

Dear Readers!
I thought I would share a small snippet of inspiration w/you that was a blessing to me, and I hope it will enlighten & bless you the same. 
 Quote "How do you Know what Your Purpose is?" 
Purpose is not decided, It's Discovered. Everyone has some Gift, Talent, or Ability given by God all fitting You for Your purpose.  But if you think it's an event or a thing you're supposed to do, then you are w/out purpose after the event is done.  The reality is at the interesecting point, where your gifts, talents & abilities meets another human need, there lies your purpose.  What gets you off the couch?  What do you do in the course of your everyday life?  Everyday you meet a need, you are living in Purpose, and the needs change taking you from one level to another. End quote
(Pastor A.R. Bernard)

Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, it's what you see and cant sleep....

Soul Collections is in full bloom w/the Collection of Sewing Classes helping students expand & recreate their world. Students are making their Summer Skirts..

And we Reconstructed a Vintage Dress into an A-Line Skirt & made an easy to sew Knit Pencil Skirt from an A-Line Mini Skirt :)

Soul Collection's provides small group settings so students can be creative while still sticking to the sewing principles w/in the curriculum for any particular class. 
In Intermediate Sewing, Students are making Summer Sheath Dresses as 1 student redesigns the Back Neckline to a V Neck & the Front Neckline to a Boatneck, while we alter the dress for another student's size 2 daughter, and fit another student upper body for a closer fit.

 And remember, if you alter the armhole of a dress w/a Sleeve, you also have to alter the Sleeve @ the Muscle to fit into the Armhole. In this case, her shoulders are sloped, so I lowered the Shoulder Seams @ the Armhole, which means the Sleeve Cap will get shorter. Easy fixes to already cut out pieces.

Sew, if you have nothing to do.. decide what you want your day to look like. And eliminate any obstacles of negativity. Negativity stops the flow of Creativity.

See you soon!


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses