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"Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it."
George Halas

Alrrrighhtt!!! (which is my favorite word :) Hi Everybody! I keep promising I will be back in a week or 2 & I just get Sew Busy! Soul Collections is soaring into the New Season! The students are making Fabulous Home Decor Pillows & Skirts in just a couple of weeks from having never sewn before :) and I just meet such amazing people. I just love my students, they encourage me :) Students range from Home Health Caretakers, Graphic Artists, Nurses, College Engineer Student, to Student Aid Teachers & students searching for a creative outlet or another avenue to pursue in their career and if they are persistant, they can achieve it.
 "Be ready when opportunity comes...luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet." Roy D. Chapin, Jr.

Soul Collections Sewing Room is a small group intimate setting where students get one on one attention & are able to share, network & unwind. Soul Collections is all about life & expanding your territory.

Brikti chose a fabric that wasn't alot left, but she loved the fabric & she made her own miniature Heart Pillow Pattern drawing a smaller heart to fit the fabric and.. Tahdah! :)

 The Pretty Pin Cushions I always show are all used from available left over scraps.  I just love the color combinations students creatively choose to make them. So don't throw out your scraps, because you can always make something from them.

I just recently launched the Computer Patternmaking Classes. For those of you that can't make it here to NY to attend a workshop, you would still be able to purchase the Garment Designer Software, which comes w/a manual & we could set up chat time. Garment Designer Computer Patternmaking helps you make your Own Patterns quicker than you would in Flat Patternmaking. Although it is very good to know how to Flat Pattern Draft w/paper & pencil, this software enables you to do the same w/click & drag editing where you can make Children's, Women's, Missy, Juniors, Men's & even Doll Patterns!  
Here is just one of the Patterns I made on Garment Designer, V Neck Bell Sleeve Tunic. I just love Tunics, but cannot always find one I am looking for in a pretty color in the stores, so I made the simple Pattern on Garment Designer Computer Patternmaking, Printed it out & Cut it out in this Stretch Rib. I glued Hot Pink & Purple sequins on it to Pop the Print & have a beautiful Tunic to wear! ;)

And Last but certainly not least, which is why I need to blog at least once a week, not sure that will happen tho, but remember I told you I resigned from my job of 9 1/2 years...& wasn't sure of what was next, but was Very sure of my decision to leave, well after a long restful 2 month vacation :), I began freelancing @ another lingerie company. And they really liked me & offered me a position. And I have to say I love this Job! It is only about 30-40 people & 1 of the Brands we make is Skinnygirl from Bethany on The Real Housewives.  I actually get up in the morning Happy & looking forward to the workday. Everyone talks to each other & respects one another & we have a good time together while working. So I'm back in the Fashion Industry doing one of the things that I do best, Technical Design w/a new twist of Fitting Bras, which is definitely challenging. I will give you some tips on my next blog as far as why your bra may not be the best fit for you, next week....stay tuned to Soul Collections

check out the rest of the Beginner's Sewing Skirt pics & How to video's to come @


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses