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Good Day Everyone!

Well I'm in my 2nd Week of new students....already.... time flys when you're having fun! I really meet some phenomenal individuals & I am glad to have them as my students. Just to highlight a couple, (and I'll probably end up highlighting everyone, because they've all inspired, motivated, encouraged, added or activivated me in one way or another) I have student in the Military this month!! She is in the Reserves with one more year to fulfill. She did experience being in Iraq a few years back.. wow! What an honor to have her choose Soul Collections to learn how to sew, because she's interested in making her own clothes. And yet there is another, a young person, making things happen for herself! She interns (a non-paid internship, which says a lot) for a film editor in media entertainment, however, working on the weekends bartending & manages to [make it to early morning class, as she wants to be well rounded working w/her hands! I am very Proud of her! It is refreshing to see a young lady going after her dreams and yet still making a living for herself! Soul Collections is making Soul Connections thru the vast number of people from vast areas of life that comes thru the Art of Sewing & Patternmaking w/their many types of professions & interests. We are able to sit down thru Art & Design and have conversations broadening my horizon as well as others!

I demonstrated my New Workshop, 1 hour Pant Draping Demo last week w/1 Student, draping directly onto the dress form. It's definitely a technique to learn, because you learn the Art of Draping a custom fit pant on a mannequin, which can also be done on a live body & take what you've learned to create your own or do custom fittings on others & make pants for them! The top is a something I was working on for a dress, but this would make a cute jumpsuit :).

There are some minor Patternmaking skills applied to after the pant is draped to complete the pattern. {Half of the Pattern or Garment is Draped usually working on the right side & then you cut out both sides after completed pattern is developed.}

To Reach our Potential we must Show Initiative.
You can do whatever you put your mind to. But you have to put your Mind & Time on it & Do It!

'The Person who Starts First Almost Always Wins'

It's important to put your Thoughts on Paper. Your thoughts will eventually become clear to you what your interests are & enable you to begin writing your Business Plan. Your business plan will be your road map & will show you how to get to where you want to go.
And then begin to write your 25 - 50 Word Mission Statement about your organization making it Clear, Concise & to the Point.


2010 Trend

What's the Color & Trend for 2010?

Refresh & Rebirth 2010

Just encase you wondering what Fabric to buy or what's In for 2010, here's a recap from my visit to Tex World this year @ the Jacob Javitts Center. Eye is on Color! Different shades of whites, sand colors, golden shades, lighter golden browns, lots of taupes, sea shell colors; water colors, cool spa, inspired blues, teals, aquas, pool color blues. Freshness, Newness & Harmony/Sunny yellows, lemon cast yellows, kelly green, delicious icecream colors. frosty shades. Refresh & Relaxation/Light weight & fluid fabric; Looser Silhouette, Softened Shapes; 60's Influence. Softened affect lots of ties w/Women's; Return of Pocket Details; Lots of rolling up of the Sleeves; Covered Plackets. Eyelet Fabric; Crotchet; Lots of Lace; Sheer & Transparent Fabric; Sheer Stripes; Cutting on the Bias, Pleats are returning, more volume in the bottom category; Crop Pants & Skirts w/Casual Airy Feeling. Sarong Skirts, Button Front Skirts &Wrap Skirts are back.

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Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses