Sew Inspired

Sew Inspired.....

is what I've been doing this month! I have been So Inspired and Sew-ing Inspired by my thoughts of creativity! Inspiration is the Infusion of ideas or direction into the mind by extraodinary or supernatural influence or individuals, such as friends, family members etc. And when you activate those thoughts into actions, expansion of those thoughts takes place & you will begin to branch out rapidly moving towards the goal or a goal. First, you need a goal. What is it that you would like to do in life? It could be anything, but it will only come into fruition if you just start it. Write things down and that one good idea will stand out. Then you just have to go with it.

'Imagination is Everything'
Albert Einstein
So just to give you a brief up-to-date of what I have been working on, (incidentally, I would like to blog at least 2x month, so we'll see what happens). However, my business is not the only thing do, my profession as a Technical Designer is full-time, part-time pursuing a Master's in Theology or Divinity (undecided @ the moment), my passion of Teaching as a part of Soul Collections & Designing Jackets as my hobby for the Collection. But my Business is my Future & I love it.

Sew the Jacket..
I perfected the Pattern I've been working on for some time. ... I fit the Jacket, but there was not quite enough lift when I raised my arm & there was some stress around the upper arm area. So, I raised the Armhole a significant amount, and with raising the A/H, I then needed to raise the Sleeve Underarm, but also reduced the Across Shoulder for the Sleeve to fit better on the armsyche & added to the Sleeve Cap Height correcting the twisting & releasing the stress of the Sleeve. After re-correcting the pattern, (and incidentally, I already had these patterns graded, but the fit is much better,,and I will just have to manually fix the other sizes) I re-cut in the muslin (cheap fabric) & stitched it together. Now, I just have to make sure all the notches are on the pattern for when I cut out in the actual fabric, (notches indicate sections to be sewn together) as I have another helping hand sewing. In addition to working on the Outerwear Jackets, the Online classes upon demand will be starting soon for the Art of Basic Pattern making w/Video & Live Chat!
'Get your conscious Creating, Formulate the Vision & Fulfill your Mission!'
Author Laurie Beth Jones


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses