Sew To Finish

Another Great Sewing Class completed this past Saturday! I can't believe how fast the month's are going by, however, not without accomplishments. {That is why we have to use our time wisely}. The students in the Art of Basic Sewing completed their final projects of an Elastic Waist Shortie and received an Award Certificate of Completion. They all worked diligently from Start to Finish along with seeing vision for themselves. Let's talk about the word "finish". First of all let's talk about the word "start". We can not go anywhere in life unless we spring into motion, which means to start. We have to start somewhere, and if you don't know where to start, spring into motion upon something new; in other words, take the first step & start at the beginning. But you don't just start & stop; you start & complete to perfection, which is to finish. So, some things we may always be adding on to it to reach Perfection. Polishing to the degree of excellence intended. (Webster's Dictionary definition for Finish). Starting something is just the beginning; you have to keep going & your vision will increase! And this is just what the students did, {along with my many other students, who have done Excellent, in which I can't leave out :) they accomplished their goal & are ready to Advance their skills.

The Shortie is a Good idea for a Gift..huh? I Visited the Brooklyn Flea Market too this weekend; Great place to sell people! So, keep sewing. I will be too, working on my line & last classes before 2010. October is the last class for the Art of Basic Pattern making, however, the online classes will be coming up soon & I think you will enjoy!

I don't think you ever stop learning..there's so much to know, but we can stop ourselves from knowing. Be a lifetime learner and don't stop Sewing.


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