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Good Day Everybody!

Well it is a busy month this month @ Soul Collections. The Art of Basic Sewing w/my new students started again this Saturday. And 1 of my machines was missing a screw, so I was down a machine with a full house, however, the students worked together & all were able to finish the 1st Stitching Project. I publicly Thank them for their grace & patience! Great Class & Great Students w/already Great Ideas! Lesson learned I'll be making sure I have an extra back-up machine encase that happens again & allotting for extra time for the unexpected.

This is the 1st time I will be running a Contest in The Art of Advanced Sewing!! There will be a nice Prize awarded to the winner, however, there are no losers, everyone is a winner, but only 1 winner for the Prize. Of course, there is a Criteria that involves a Lesson & I am excited to offer this prize to the returning students!! This is definitely something I will be moving forward with for future classes as well :)

And last but certainly not least, my 1st Online Intensive Basic Flat Patternmaking Course begins as of this week!! Thanks to an out-of-state student willing to take it online gave me the push I needed to create it on video! Yes! I have been recording! all this week pulling some long hours recording and editing to get it done to coincide with today's class. So it turns out 2 more students will be joining taking the 1st Lesson online as well!! Thank you Ladies, that worked out well. And this was a new learning curve for me, very challenging yet fun.

Lastly, I'll be meeting next week to discuss Soul Collection's Outerwear Jacket Line. This is definitely the 1st of many meetings I foresee & will release me to create more, I'll keep you posted.

Now, like I said, my business is not all I do, I have other things to attend to like this 20 (minimum) page paper to write for school that I haven't started yet & another 3 pager. So I'll blog to you in a few! Have a Wonderful Week ahead!

Don't stop yourself from learning, businesses, inventions, ideas, authors is already in you, you just have to find it & then do it!


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses