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Hello Everyone!

Well, it has definitely been a busy month & continues to be, but in a good way :) I'm sorry, I have not been able to blog as often as I would like. I know, 2 weeks is a long time. So, I'll try to keep you updated at least 3x a month... Sew @ Soul Collections, we are in our 3rd week of Basic Sewing, 2nd Week of Advanced & Basic Flat Patternmaking! I am still testing the online Patternmaking w/one of my students. I need to compress the file, because it is too big. The students are cutting out the Classic Pant w/Sideseam Pockets in Advanced. That is one of the projects we will be doing, and I am thinking of incorporating a Yoga Pant in addtn to our other projects, to accommodate my younger student as well., plus, everybody likes a nice comfy knit pant to lounge around in! We completed the Front Bodice, Back Bodice & 2 Dart Slopers in Flat Patternmaking, and the Beginning Sewing Class is cruising into next week's last class. All three classes are very rewarding, as they are learning the concept of construction and using their abilities, gifts & talents to think up innovative ideas, develop flat pattern pieces or an eye-catching assemble! Sewing, especially can be very therapeutic and relaxing as well as fulfilling, so don't be afraid to take a favorite top, copy the pattern & sew it in a new print or solid color :). That will be my next personal project. I have a gorgeous tunic, very simple that I tried on to wear Sunday, and it was too snug :-/. I will trace off the pattern in muslin on my mannequin, and retrace on pattern paper adding a little to the Chest proportionately down to the Sweep & re-cut in some jazzy colors :) I will be sewing this weekend, sew I'll have some new tops next week! And if you can't get to the fabric store, check out, they have nice fashion fabric & a couple of free patterns to download, you can also order swatches, if you're looking for a specific color in particular.

Let's talk about the Sewing Room.
What do you need to get started?

You will need a good Sewing Machine, (try to catch a good sale btwn $75 - $100) 2 pairs of scissors, 1 - fabric sheers & the other paper sheers, seam ripper, 100% polyester thread, bobbins, straight pins, hand needles, pin cushion, tape measure, sewing gauge, iron & ironing board, pressing cloth, and a container, thread holder, bobbin holder or Ziploc bag to hold everything in. Eventually, you will obtain a thread rack & lots of other supplies for sewing, such as a fabric marker, plastic ruler, tailor's chalk, stitch witchery, wonder tape, steam a seam, tailor's ham, seam roll, sleeve board, rotary cutter & cutting board (I will be investing in shortly, it's faster for cutting), snap gun, kwik trace (good for tracing & maintaining your patterns in all sizes) tweezers, beeswax (good for threading the needle), needle threader, collar turner, and many other gadgets you'll accumulate over time as you start building upon your sewing skills. I also keep extra zippers, stretch elastic, buttons in a jar, fusible interfacing (very important) and hook & eye closures on hand for when I feel like making a quick bottom to wear. A sewing table is helpful, but a sturdy fold-up table works just the same! And eventually you will want to invest in an Edge stitch Foot. It's the best presser foot to have for your machine. It makes sewing Hems, Binding, Understitching, Pintucks, {anything where you need a perfect stitch along the edge of a narrow seam} easy!

I'll be back a little later w/a survey...stay tuned to


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Soul Collection Courses