Practice Perfects the Gift!

Well, we are almost @ the close of a Wonderful Sewing Year! The Art of Intensive Basic Patternmaking finished for the year. Adeline corrected her patterns and re-cut the bodice in the muslin. And the Top fit her very well :) We were very pleased! The Front closed properly and it fit close enough to her body with the ease needed for movement.

I had made 3 more minor adjustments to the pattern of just transposing the Sideseams. The Back Width was not enough and the Front Width was too much; took from the front & added it to the back. This will also help re-position her Sleeve to hang and fit properly on the armsyche. And I also scooped out the Back Neck, which as you see is slightly too high.

Now, from this Sloper made into a Pattern for fitting, she can cut it on the pattern on the fold in the front & add a zipper to the back, she can change the neckline to be a V Neck, Boat Neck, Scoop Neck or add a Collar. She can cut out the Front in 2 pieces & add a Zipper or Buttons. She can jazz it up w/some pockets or a drawstring tunnel @ the bottom hem. She can widen the Neck, or make a Tank Top. There are many variations she can do w/this Sloper alone, she can move the darts, change the darts into Pleats, or add Shirring. She can eliminate the Darts altogether & add a Seam.

And truely, I would have to say that all I have learned in regards to Pattern making & Correcting for a good fit, I learned on the job training, inspite of my degree in Pattern making Technology. I learned it by being thrust into it throughout my years in my full-time profession as a Sr. Technical Designer in the Intimate Apparel Industry, making judgments, taking chances and correcting the patterns. And I can say the majority of the time, the fit was corrected. So it is the same principles and concepts to making corrections no matter what field or niche you may decide to specialize in. The key to Pattern making is simply, if you don't Try it, Design it, Draft it & Make it, you'll never Learn it! It is a hands on skill and Practice Perfects the Gift! You can't be afraid to try something from manipulating your slopers to make something. So I thank all of my students for challenging themselves with something new! :)

Just a brief update for Soul Collections courses, Advanced Sewing is now turning into Intermediate Level 2,3 (The Art of Basic Sewing is Level 1) & The Art of Advanced Sewing will be added w/various specializations offered for 2010. Lastly, but certainly not least, we have a Winner!! for the prize in the now Art of Advanced Sewing, which will be presented on their last class Dec. 5th. And the last class for this year starts this Saturday, and I'm looking foward to the students advancing.

Until we meet again, Have a Productive & Wonderful Week!


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses