Countdown ~ Reflections

Greetings Everyone!

We are almost at the home stretch of 2009 about to enter a Brand New Year 2010! Twenty~Ten; Ten = Perfection. I am Excited for what the New Year brings! Positivity Births things out, no matter what it looks like! Reflecting back on 2009, ask yourself what can I Do (present tense) Better and Begin to write out your goals for the Year to come.

"Your Vision is Your Future"

I am always intrigued by my student's backgrounds & professions. And I wish I could highlight everyone. However, time nor space permits. Sew in closing this year, I will just highlight the ending Art of Basic Sewing Student, John. John was just learning how to sew and became a very fast learner! John Professional Career as a Bio Chemist!! where he does laboratory work for human genes...Amazing! John is also going back to school for his M.D Degree and possibly open his own clinic! And he is not yet 30! He wants to make his own tailored clothing, which is why he is taking sewing lessons. John's work is immaculate, very neat & precise!

Sew, when you're Sewing, here are a few important things to remember:

  • Be Neat! Its more important to maintain straight stitching lines than to speed sew
  • Maintain the Seam Allowances: the stitching lines are in 1/8" increments on most machines located on the throat plate
  • Always Press your Seam Allowances Open to get a nice flat seam on the outside
  • Always Press in the direction of the Grain or you will encounter wrinkled hems & seams
  • Use Steam when pressing or ironing unless otherwise directed.
  • Press or Iron on the Wrong side of Fabric
  • Invest in an Edge Stitch Presser Foot, all of your hems, or Topstitching @ the Edge will be Perfect!

The countdown begins...I'll see you in the New Year! Do something positive on New Year's Eve Night & Be Safe!


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