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Hello Everybody!

We are in the 2nd Month already of the New Year! I hope you have decided your goals & sticking to a plan on how to achieve it. Time and Timing is essential to your future. We have to make the most of our time, so we are prepared when that season in time presents itself with an Opportunity. Soul Collection’s is now offering 2010 Year Planners for a limited time! I used this particular Planner the year before & loved the fact that it was compact & convenient. I switched to a bigger planner last year & barely kept up writing in it, because it was bulky to carry around and did not always fit in my purse. Sew I brought this Planner back!
The Engraved Soul Collection's Planner includes 54 Inspiring Weekly Quotes; 47 Useful World Wide Web Sites & Toll-Free Numbers along w/U.S Travel Maps with a richly embossed Black Vinyl Cover and a Flat Pen included conveniently pocketed in the back of the cover to help you stay Organized throughout the year & Get Things Done!
See the side panel for the low cost of $6.00 or 2 for $10 while supplies last.

Lots to talk about!
This weekend the girls worked hard in the Art of Basic Sewing to complete their final Elastic Waist Short project & complete the Zipper Application. It was Marathon Sewing Saturday! Whatever the girls did not complete in Basic will pick up in Intermediate. Then they will go on to their desired specializations. And I am very proud of Louisy who purchased her first Sewing Machine!

If you're looking to start a Small Business log onto The Community Business Academy is a 10-week course offering hands-on training in the fundamentals of starting and growing a business. The meeting starts on Feb. 13th and is free and applications will be handed out. A good friend of mine was able to get far with her handbags due to this course.

Intermediate Sewing is in advanced mode! I am very pleased on how professional these Classic Pants are coming along! Andrea assembled her first Mock Fly Lapped Zipper Application beautifully. Side seam pockets are stitched & ready for the Hong Kong Piping Appliqué stitched to the Outseam & Inseam of the Pant before assembling together. We are almost done here to move onto another 4-hour project of a Pencil Skirt to finish Intermediate Sewing within the next 2 weeks!

John is past the hard part of the Welt Pocket, which is a very advanced Pocket Detail, but he made it thru the slitting & turning of the Piping Welts! (left-side image shows the inside w/the fusible interfacing & piping welts attached before slitting & turning. right-side image shows outside of welts after slitting & turning onto the right side..very tricky pocket) We are working on commercial patterns; I changed the Women’s 2 Dart Classic into a 1 Dart to make it more modern. In addition, one of the directions on the Men’s Pant Pattern Instructions had an error on the inside pocket needing to be turned in the opposite direction to hide the raw edge. Sew being aware of how things are to be stitched together. Commercial Instructions can have errors as well. I always re-iterate to the students to sew using your mind being fully aware of what you are doing & not just sewing blindly.

Soul Collection's Pant Styling Specialization starts this Saturday. This course is one of my new ones & a fun one! The student will develop their own Personal Fit Pant Sloper to make their very own Pant Patterns to fit their body type! We'll be sewing 1 Knit & 1 Woven Pant within the 5 Weeks. Private Lessons for Flat Patternmaking started last week w/a New Designer named Sunshine that you may very soon see in the stores!

By the way, please take time out to fill out the form on either Soul Collection’s website or on this blog. Let me know if there are specific things you would like to see or learn & next week I'll answer your questions :) Have a Great Week & don't forget to Plan and make the most of your time!



March 2, 2010 at 8:47 PM

thank you sharing Shannon. I'm just beginning some sewing, really enjoying the slow speed and calming nature of hand sewing. thanks for the tips and inspiration. ~bb

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Soul Collection Courses