Pencil Skirt into A-Line Skirt & The Classic Men's Pant

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My apologies for being away so long. I have been Super Buzeee with a few things; completing a paper for school (prereq's into my Master's) busy finishing up final classes w/New Beginner's, final class w/Intermediate Sewing highlighting this gorgeous Men's Tailored Pant & starting New Lessons w/returning Students for Intermediate Sewing. The Art of Basic Sewing for March is filled for this coming Saturday w/some new students from :) Soul Collection's is busy helping students learn life long skills in Sewing :) April only 2 seats left..

Sew bringing something new, (I have to keep reminding myself of my goal in helping students find their niche) sew, sometimes, I need to switch things up, and in the Intermediate class, that's what's happening. The girls were more interested in making skirts than pants, as they indicated they wear more skirts than pants. So, we took a pencil skirt pattern & modified it to fit their body type into an A-line Skirt w/Inside Facing & Side Lapped Zipper. They learned minor pattern adjustments of Closing the Dart & Slashing & Opening the Pencil Skirt eliminating the Dart into a slightly Flared Skirt. They are fitting their skirts @ home in a similar fabric before we meet this Saturday & before they cut out in the actual fabric of their choice. It is recommended to always make sure you fit a sample in similar fabric or in muslin before cutting out in your nice fabric, even when using a commercial pattern. Sometimes the size you may wear in ready to wear may be smaller in size with a commercial bought pattern, such as Vogue for instance. It all depends on the customer fit a particular company targets. That's why I love developing my own patterns from Slopers of my own measurements, that way, no matter what pattern I design, I know it fits from my initial fitting with the sloper :)

John, one of my Students of the Month (remember he is the scientist) has completed his Tailored Classic Men's Pant for Intermediate Sewing! He has learned how to sew enough to branch out on his own :) Mission accomplished! John's Men's Classic Pant came out Beautifully! The pant was Professionally made by him with the Single Welt Back Pockets, Fusible Interfacing Inserted, Slanted Sideseam Pockets, Lapped Front Fly w/Facing Zipper, Waistband w/Underlap & Overlap and Button Closure, Hong Kong Piping on the inside Seam Allowances and Blind Hem Stitching @ the Btm Leg Opening!! John's Pant was Well Done & I am very Proud of him! He wore it already & said it fit well! This pant is from a Burda Pattern. John has only been sewing for 8 weeks & learned @ Soul Collections! All it takes is Determination, Patience, able to follow Instructions & willing to be Challenged! And John's work speaks for itself! Excellent!

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