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I've entitled this blog post "Challenges", because it is something we all face in life & I just want to highlight the positive aspect of challenges :o) Challenge is an undertaking or difficulty that is stimulating to the one that engages in it. One thing about Challenges is, if you never engage yourself to be challenged, you will never know how far you can go or how great you can become. Sew in this first quarter of the year of New Beginnings (remember, that is what the number 10 means), I have been challenged & my students have challenged themselves to learning constructive skills @ Soul Collections that will take them as far as they want to go :)

The Beginner's Sewing Class challenged themselves to learn how to sew & at the end, everyone achieved the task, and the majority of the time, there is always a shining star, Gloria, who finished her boxer looking like it came out of a boutique! Again Congratulations to your achievements!

Then there is Ryan, who challenged himself to learn Flat Patternmaking. He also wanted to learn how to make a Sloper w/his measurements, so we took his measurements & he used the same principles to develop his Front, Back & Sleeve Patterns for Homework! He cut it out in the muslim & tried it on for fit. Yes there are some tweeks to it, but overall, he has a Shirt Block, that can be manipulated into many other Designs in his future endeavors. Next week in our final class, we will be drafting the Pant & Ryan has already decided he wants to make Designer Vest Outfits!

You never know what you can do (in the positive & moral sense of the word) until you try. Don't be afraid of challenges; they come to make you strong & better. And don't be afraid to challenge yourself to something new.
Sew this coming weekend, students return for Intermediate Sewing. And I have challenged myself to a few more patterns students can select from, whereas possibly everyone will not be working on the same exact project this time, students will be at different paces & phases. So we shall see...but I think it will be fun.
And last but certainly not least, I finally finished classes for this semester, so now I can get back to my jackets & one in particular that I had started, but hadn't had time to finish. This is a Tailored Jacket, so there will be an Inside Lining. I already have the Lightweight Weft Fusible Interfacing throughout the Jacket, the Armhole will be prepared by stitching a stay tape in order to maintain the shape & using a Sleeve Head to maintain the nice shape of the Sleeve Cap. Here are some pics to where I am up to now. Hopefully by next blog, I will have sewn in the Sleeves, Lining, Collar & Buttons. See you soon :)


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