French Seams

Good Day Everyone!

Well March's Beginner's Sewing Class finished & April's Beginner's and Flat Patternmaking Design began last week! May seats are filled for Beginner's & June has 5 available seats. Of course, I have to brag :0) on each & every class, because every class is unique in its own way. April's Class students put a lot of effort into their work. They were very focused and completed their projects. I really have to say, all of the student's work was done Very Neatly & that is Key in whatever you do in life.
The students were very careful in maintaining Seam Allowances to the instructed Widths; And all students utilized the Edgestitch Foot accurately maintaining 1/8" Stitching Lines away frm the Fold for Hems & Seams! Very Well Done!
As a result, the students produced a Gorgeous Boxer Short Inside & Out!!

I challenged the girls to do the French Seams, which is a 1/4" enclosed seam allowance, however, not only on the Outseam & Inseam but along the Rises as well, which is the curved portion of the Short.
These pics are of the Inside of the front of the Short, Completely Cleanfinished w/French Seams @ Frt & Back Rises, the Outseam & Inseam. 1 1/8" Waist Turnback Hem was maintained using the Edgestitch Foot (Stitching line was maintained 1/8" away frm the Fold, same as on the Leg opening Hem) There is a little opening @ the C.Frt Waist where the 3/4" Elastic was inserted into the 1" Tunnel, which Meli stitched the opening up afterwards.
Garments should look like you can wear them inside out! And that's just what one of the girls commented on for the work she put into it. Mind you, the actual sewing only took approx. 45 minutes, which included creating the French Seams; the cutting & ironing took up the rest of the 1hr 15 min. In order for your garments to look professional, you must press or iron after every seam (in the direction of the grain) & then the Hemline must be even using a seam guide or ruler to maintain the width all around.

And Look @ How Beautiful these Shorts Look from the Inside Out!

The students never had sewn or used a sewing machine before but learned how to sew in 4 weeks! Thread the Bobbin & Machine on their own. And were able to sew the curve of the seam allowances along the Rises accurately maintaining the cut edge @ the seam guideline on the machine & create their French Seams!


And Spring is here :), which means a New Season has become.. just some Food for Thought.


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