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Dear Readers
I hope everyone is doing well ~ the Spring season is here, which symbolically represents Life, Health, the Start of "something", Thriving & Growth just to name a few. Sew think about your next move & Spring forward!

Well it is a busy month of May; all three classes are in effect, The Art of Basic Sewing, The Art of Intermediate anddddd! The New Pant Styling Class began this past Saturday! The Pant Styling Class is a Specialization allowing the student to master the Pant :) We have “started” by developing the Pant Sloper according to the student’s personal measurements. There is a method to developing the Pant, whether it is a Classic, Slacks or Jean fit. Once the Sloper is "Trued" properly, which we accomplished this weekend, Cecilia traced the Sloper to make a Pattern by adding the Seam Allowances & then cut out in the muslin fabric for Fitting. Once the fit is approved, this Sloper will become the student’s Block to use for any Style Pant she so desires! They won’t need to worry about whether the Pant fits again unless of course for weight gain or loss. Then, we will proceed to Design Details!

In Intermediate, one of the students wants to specialize in Plus Size Clothing, which by the way, is a very profitable market if one Masters the Fit. So, we adjusted a Missy fit Pattern for a Women’s size by proportionately adding to the Outseam & the Inseam of the Pant (not just adding to one side) & to both Front & Back & the fit was successful! Sew if you need to adjust a commercial pattern, take your measurements accurately & then divide your full measurement in half, as you will only be working w/one Front & one Back Pattern (but cutting out two on the folded Fabric) then divide the half measurement into half & proportionatey divide Front & Back for the adjustment. Ex. Hip 40-1/2”=20-1/4” take 20-1/4 = 10-1/8” and proportionately divide to the Front & Back Pant.

We're moving foward fast this weekend!


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