Pant Styling & Zipper Applications

Dear Readers,
Well I have definitely been away way too long, but not without doing many, many things. Sew what's happening here @ Soul Collections is Beginner's Classes are full until September, so don't wait to learn a new skill :)
Cecilia finalized her Custom-Fit Pant in the Pant Styling Class & made her first pair of Slacks w/Side Seam Pockets, Fly Zipper Front & Separate Waistband starting from a Draft, which became her Sloper, to later become the Pattern! We worked out the kinks making & remaking the Drafts until we reached 99% perfection to add the Seam Allowances making the Patterns in order to test in Muslin the Fit. In making Patterns, all pieces of the patterns have to match w/the lines blending smoothly together, which is called "trueing",  in order to sew the pieces together later in fabric.  Now, she is ready to Style her Custom Fit on her own, because she already has her Sloper made, which is the Foundation for any other designs she may have in mind. Cecila wants to continue to make a pair of Jeans, which there is a whole science to each classification of the pant. Cecilia is going to be a life learner in her Specialization of choice, as the options are endless. Of course, all takes some time to develop, approx. a week of diligently working to complete a pair of pants, but the Foundation is there, which solves the major problems.

Now June's Beginner's are finishing up on this Saturday their first Sewing Classes! I really love their energy! So I decided to spring a new zipper application to the mix ;) w/this group of girls, well they really enjoyed the outcome (hee,hee) even though they weren't crazy about the process.  You ever wonder how that pocket gets into the garment w/a zipper? It is a very easy technique & there is so much you can do w/this little zipper pocket. There is an Art to Zipper Applications, one reason being the strange shape of the zipper foot stitches close to the edge of the zipper teeth, & you really don't have to do much other than lightly guide the fabric as the feeddogs push the fabric thru, so it is not a time to press hard on the foot to go too fast.  And like anything that's worth accomplishing, the process may be a struggle, but the outcome will be a success!

And last but certainly not least, Basic Flat Patternmaking resumes on Saturday to draft the Sleeves, the Torso Body & Basic Straight Skirt Slopers. I have two Entrepreneurs in this class that are experts in their field, Wendy who teaches Sewing, as well @ the Community Centers @ Higher level & Valeria who makes Handmade Soaps & Body Luxuries, she will be incorporating Intimate Apparel w/her Body Luxuries & the Olive Kelp Soap I love :) Valeria sells on etsy @

see you next week :)


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses