"Just Keep Sewing"

Hi Everyone!
Well it has been a Busy month of July! Finished w/a very big classes the end of July. And New Beginner Sewing starts this coming Saturday for August. I am currently away in Atlanta @ the Sewing & Craft Alliance to get my Teacher Training Certificate! :) Hurray! Everyone, do what you love & everything else will follow. As a member of the American Sewing Guild, they hold Sewing Conventions every year helping those of us who are interested or already involved in the Sewing, Fashion, Fit Industry. This organization is a replenishment for us & a wealth of information. I encourage everyone interested in making a career or hobby in the Sewing & Craft Industry to become a part of this organization. "Knowledge is Power"

So, here are some Sewing Tips of the Month:
  • The Handwheel of the Sewing Machine: Always Turn Towards You; otherwise you could cause the machine to malfunction & set the timing off.
  • The Take Up Lever on the Sewing Machine: Always have the Take Up Lever @ it's Highest Position when threading the machine, otherwise when you begin to start sewing you'll have to re-thread your machine again.
  • The Strawberry @ the end of your Tomato Pin Cushion is for Sharpening your Needles
  • Use an Elastic Guide instead of a Safety Pin when threading the Elastic thru Casings 
Don't worry about mistakes that you make, Just Keep Sewing.
 'There's no mistakes, only Creative Opportunities.'

Sewing is not only fun, but the best thing about it is you are the boss! You Create it by making it with your own sense of style no matter what that may be in your choice of fabric, color or design, whether you are using a commercial pattern or your own pattern. 

Sew, September is National Sewing Month ~ Learn how to Sew ~
Sewing is Social, meet new friends; Sewing is therapy, get into your own zone & sew; 
Sewing is a place to be yourself; Sewing is Creative;
And Sewing is Fun!


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Soul Collection Courses