Pant Adjustments

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all are having a Great Week. The word for the day is Focus on the Positive. When we stay focused on the Positive it stimulates Growth, expands our vision & we move forward to progress. When we stay focused on the negative, we take two steps backwards, stunt our growth & we remain at a standstill.

The month of July was a very busy month, yet productive & progressive, while August Beginner's are  underway. However, I would like to highlight 2 students of the month in the Art of Intermediate Sewing, in which both students finished their intensive projects working very hard, but w/in the timeline permitted.  Kemi, a returning student needed to take the class to perfect her skills as a summer intern for a Designer. And Aurea, who already was sewing @ an Intermediate Level, but wanted to refresh herself as she had not sewn in years. Kemi completed the Classic Missy Tailored Pant in a Soft Lightweight Suiting's Fabric. And we put a little twist by finishing the inside w/1/4" French Seams. :) We also Clean-finished the Front Fly Facing by stitching the Fusible Interfacing (right sides together) to the Self Front Fly Facing first, and then turning & fusing the Fusible Interfacing to the Inside (wrong side of Self Front Fly Facing) which Clean-finishes the raw edge of the Facing.

Aurea completed her project of a pair of Jeans. However, we ran into a slight problem in the fit of the Jeans after about 90% of the jean was finished including the Zipper. But not to worry, because your the boss! You can create anything out of a mistake in sewing ;) Sew, we made it fit! Yes, it is recommended to cut out & sew a muslin fit first, however, the majority of students registering for these Intensive classes want to get from point A to Z within a short period of time, and the Commercial pattern states the Size & Finished Measurements. So using those instructions, the Jeans ended up being too big in the Legs & too low in the Rises. There is an Art to developing Women's Patterns, in which my experience comes from the Intimate Apparel Industry where I fit sleepwear on Women's Sizes & adjust Pattern Corrections for a more attractive Silhouette.  We raised the Crotch Seam approx 1" & made Center Seams dwn the Front & Back Pant & reduced as much as could be done dwn the Out Seam. This correction reduced the Pant Legs approx -6" Total. What a difference! The Pant overall aesthetics looked good on Aurea & on a hanger.

mistakes are fixable, we just have to use the right hemisphere of our brain = creativity


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