Hi Everyone!
ok, so remember our word for Fall is Harvest, the season for business, well, we have been busy!!  Jin, one from Intermediate Sewing is finishing up her jean using multiple Stitching Techniques, mainly Topstitching as the Jean is classic w/Topstitching, but also incorporating Zig Zag Stitching, 5 thread Overlock to create Faux Flat-Fell Seams & Edgestitching. Jin's boyfriend helped in drawing a creative design on the back pocket for Jin to sew. And she used a double action Zig Zag Stitch to go along the drawing.

And the October's Beginning Sewing Class finished up their projects today & in general the students have been taking care in their lives outside of sewing. Marilisses taking classes in law school, Samanthi in Computer Science, however, also thinking of developing a clothing line; Ozzy & Eddy working on starting their own Businesses, Tanisha a Fashion Stylist, by right (and being inspired, she hand embroidered a leg w/a shoe onto her Zippered Pocket  for added embellishment :) I have to ask her to send me the pic to share w/everyone!! Eddy & Ozzy wanted to make skirts as their final projects instead of the shorts. (Incidentally, it was quite fun..nee, but we will skip that part). They bought their own fabric from curtains & recycled into a Sheer Paper Bag Elastic Waist Pencil Skirt! The 1st thing they asked me, was "How creative can we be for the final project?" I love it!! They revised the Pattern @ the Bottom as they envisioned the look they wanted & wallah! and Ozzy's skirt was High-Waisted w/a slit up the side!

I was so proud of all of them for not being afraid to imagine & allow their creative juices to flow, all from their first time sewing ;)

Sew, just remember, when Sewing their are no mistakes, only Creative Designs. There's nothing that can't be fixed or made into something else.

Back to Fit Problems for brief Solutions: Back Rise is Cutting in; it's too scooped in & needs to be filled in. Front Rise Seam has too much excess fabric; it needs to be scooped out. The body is an amazing course of study. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are the works of God who created us! And to analyze the body is to know how to Fit a wonderful garment.

Patternmaking starts Nov. 6th w/1 seat available as students learn how to make their own Patterns according to their own bodies. November 6th also kicks off the Fall/Winter Sessions of The Art of Beginner's Sewing launching students to Level 11 Sewing Skills. November is filled! December has 3 seats available. see you soon! Don't be afraid to do something new :)


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Soul Collection Courses