Grainlines ~ Transitioning into Fall

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Autumn, a word formerly known as Harvest & now alternatively recognized as the word Fall, which marks the transition of Summer into Winter. Summer a Season of Fruitfulness, transitions into Harvest, a Season of Reaping & Gathering.
Harvest also is signified as the proper Season of Business.
Sew now, it's Time to Sew!

September's Basic Beginner's Sewing, on a very hot day, finished the last day of class w/a slightly different version of the French Seamed Short w/a Paper Bag Waist :) The Paper Bag Waist is simply extra Fabric that is Gathered @ the Waist, which was created w/the Encased Elastic placed below the top of the Waist resembling the top of a Paper Bag ;) It has a semi-ruffling affect. Meanwhile, Intermediate Sewing Students are working on their Jean, Classic Women's Shirt & Classic Tailored Pant, hoping to finish tomorrow.

One thing I would like to discuss briefly & I will continue in the next blog is the Grainline. There are Grainlines on Fabric as well as on Paper. On Commercial Patterns, there is a Straight line w/usually an Arrow @ the Top or Bottom of the Straight line pointing to the direction the Pattern should be layed on the fabric. This is the Grainline. Most of the time this line will also say Grainline. If you draft your own Patterns, you would need to indicate where the Grainline is by drawing on your draft a Straight line w/an Arrow. Problems arise, when the Pattern is not aligned w/the Grainline of the Fabric. You are going to end up with Fit Problems. And some of the Fit Problems on a Pant is Stressing of the Fabric coming frm the Inseam & excessive Fabric @ the Outseam. The Thigh will appear to be tight, but yet all the fabric is directed on the outer leg and it is really the result of  the now cut out & sewn Pant is "off grain", because the Pattern was not layed on the fabric correctly. We will discuss some other Fit Problems that you may even be experiencing on the next blog. I'm back in school (Post-Grad now & must attend to my studies, paper due Monday :)

Lastly, but certainly not least, November Sewing begins the Fall/Winter Sessions of The Art of Beginner's Sewing w/some very New Challenges & I am So Excited! There are 2 more Seats left!! Here's just a glimpse of some of the Fabric Colors students will be working on to create their Chic Lunch Tote! :)

See you soon!


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