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Season's Greetings Everyone :)
I love this time of the year, but it seems to come so fast & leave so soon. Well Soul Collection's Students have been flourishing :) New Beginner's Sewing Students have met the challenge in Soul Collection's new Fall/Winter Sessions. We start off with baby steps, but concentration, focus, a goal to reach & perseverance will have you sewing to perfection in no time, as well as using these principles in every day life! As Brielle said, a new Beginner wants to learn to make her own clothes, "Sewing is therapeutic" "and gives you good eye & hand coordination"; Sewing is Social, it is a good friendly environment to meet people & network.

Oscar, who has designed his own line, is interested in making his designs & selling his Very Unique pieces on his own Internet Store. Oscar went from never using a sewing machine to sewing one of his 1st Projects, Soul Collection's Lined Drawstring Vinyl Lunch Tote :) along w/making his Grandma another one of Soul Collection's Project's a Poncho. 

When sewing Vinyl, you have to adjust your Stitch Width (or Stitch Length) to the highest number adjusting the Thread Tension as well to easily stitch thru the Vinyl, the Stitches on Vinyl, as well as Leather are wider. Also it is recommended to use a size 14 Needle.
 Deviney is in College for Marketing but spends a lot of money on clothes to go dancing & wants to make her own for her active social life :) Colleen who teaches austisic children within parent's homes actively makes her little nieces creative dresses & pillows in her spare time, and was able to complete the Poncho project to give to her sister for Christmas. All the students were definitely Challenged & Succeeded! Excellent Work  :)
the Poncho has a small Flower embellishment created by Machine Gathering a Strip of fabric on the fold; to Machine Gather, you must turn you Stitch Length to the highest number ie: 5 & your tension dial to the highest number; it will automatically gather the fabric, and because of it's shape, you just curve it into a Rose Shape for the Center of the Petal. Machine Gathering can be used to create Ruffling too, it gathers all the fabric @ once, without you having to pull any threads
the Poncho can either be worn slightly Off the Shoulder, or
with worn as a High Collar. I couldn't resist & had to make myself one, but I made mine slightly different though ;)

I extended the Collar adding a Facing, so it can be worn covering the head :)

talk to you soon!


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