Tis the Season for Sewing

Greetings Readers!

Well as we prepare for the Greatest time of the Year, Christ-mas, the Gift that Keeps Giving, Soul Collections finished the last Sewing Class for the Year 2010 until the New Year & Students have engaged themselves to be challenged, succeeding in what they didn't think they could do!

From the 2 Colorway Square Pin Cushion,

to the Versatile Mini Zipper Purse, to the Fully Lined Vinyl Chic Lunch Tote,

to the Traditional High Collar Embellished Poncho using Boucle & Sweater Knit Fabrics! Pinking Shears were used on the Seam Allowances to prevent the fabric from fraying & giving it a nice crisp cut.

Stay tuned to Soul Collections for the upcoming New year 2011 as New Online Classes & Soul Collection Patterns are birthed!

Just a little Tip: Knowing the functions of how your Sewing Machine operates when first starting out is the Main Focus, and the girls succeeded in mastering to finish their projects. Otherwise, 9 times out of 10, you tend to become frustrated w/the Sewing Machine not working properly unknowingly, it's due to its operator.  And as a result, students tend to lose the zeal to stitch & create. Remember not to hold the fabric tight when stitching as the feed dogs of the machine (see the raised tracks in the image, those are the feed dogs) & the feed dogs automatically push the fabric to the back underneath the presser foot, which holds the fabric in place; (the presser foot is in a raised position in the image to show the feed dogs).  The feed dogs works much like a conveyor belt, and if the operator holds the fabric tight instead of guiding the fabric against the seam guide lines, you end up restricting the feed dogs, popping the thread, having to re-thread your machine over again, causing bobbin problems, as well as tight stitches on your garment.  

Thank you for reading :)


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses