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Hi Everyone!
Well, it has been a full few weeks into the New Year! I hope everyone is writing their goals down.  Remember my Blog from 1/7/10 called New Beginnings, well take a minute to read.  I think it will be encouraging to you in starting something you never thought you could do.

Soul Collection's is in its 1st Week of Classes w/the 1st Set of new Students in the Art of Beginner's Sewing & continuing Students in the New Advanced Tailored Jacket Specialization!! I am so Excited!!! Did I mention that Sewing is Fun, Creative, Social, Therapeutic, Relaxing, The Oldest Textile Art, an Excellent Craft & Saves you money in Making Your Own Clothes? Well these girls have gone from The Art of Beginner's Sewing with no experience using the Sewing Machine to making a Tote Bag, Zippered Purse, Poncho, and one of the students a Lined Vest, the other a Tailored Pant w/Side seam Pockets, Waistband & Front Fly & both doing Skirts w/Lapped Zipper & Facing to now a Tailored Jacket. We are @ the beginning stages w/making a Muslin Fit First, highly recommended for a garment of this caliber. Both students have cut out the Pattern (using Simplicity 2728 Project Runway Pattern) in Muslin & transferred the markings using Tracing Paper & the Tracing Wheel. We tried on Nicole's Shell so far, without the Sleeves attached (that's her homework :) & I do see an adjustment to the Shoulder Seams needing to come forward. So the Back Shoulders will Transpose forward & take off from the Front Shoulders to fit her particular body, but I'm thinking to keep the Sleeves in the same position, otherwise the Sleeve will be twisting. So once she brings the Jacket to class on this coming Saturday, we will mark the Original Shoulder Seam as a Notch on the Sleeve to be sure that they are matched properly when she cuts it out in the actual fabric. Once the Fit is modified to their Body Shape, they will have their own Custom Fit Pattern to take home. Nicole is also using a Beautiful Patchwork fabric she purchased in Africa!  I'm excited :)

My Cut Jacket started last year...
Sew, I'm thinking I will have a chance to sew my Jacket I started last year, while the students are sewing (:-) I started a Corduroy Jacket that looks absolutely Fabulous, but I think I am going to modify the Neckline now that I am reviewing it again to this lovely Boat Neck & then the Buttons will just go diagonally on the Body. So then all I have to do besides stitch the Sleeves is make a Facing for the Neckline & C.Front Opening & Cut out the Lining. The Back has a Faux Inverted Pleat shown below faced on the Inside to create the illusion. For the Two Piece Sleeve, I modified the Pattern by making a 4" Slit or what's commonly known as a Vent, but without any buttons & a Mitred Seam shown below, which I love!.

Vent Facing for the Faux Inverted Pleat @ C.B
Mitred Corner Seam on Sleeve
I hope this still fits me....it's fitting well on this small mannequin...hmmm....

to be continued

And I'm happy to announce a new Teacher, an Intimate Apparel Designer, Julie Burgardt!!!
Julie will be a guest Teacher @ Soul Collections teaching Students
Beginner's Flat Sketching on Illustrator.
Students aspiring to Design will learn how to Draw Flats & Fill in Bodies using the Illustrator Software Program via the Computer. I am So Excited!!!! Stay Tuned to www.soul-collections.com


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses