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I missed writing you all :) i really did! Well it has been a Buzzee Month to say the least along with a bit of adversity. (I had started writing this blog in March & I had to put aside) Whenever, adversity comes, I have learned to detect where it is coming from and why?  Then I took note of the season & time I am in & reset my Focus.  So for a brief topic, My focus is on Purpose & Values. What is Purpose? Purpose is that which a person sets before him or herself as an object to be reached or accomplished; the end or aim to which the view is directed in any plan, measure or exertion. When you know your Purpose, which I do, you won't settle for less. 


Sew, March's Beginner's Sewing Students are on the move w/their Dreams, Ambitions & Goals! Jackie learned how to alter her Nurses Uniforms as well as her plans to make some of her own. Princess has her own Art Boutique & plans to make Art to Wear! And Victoria is starting her own Marketing Company! These young ladies are very focused & upcoming Entrepreneurs!

I was watching CNN not too long ago, and the Business segment came on, and it was said, "The only way, America will come completely out of the recession is if "We" Ordinary, Everyday people start their Own Small Businesses. Sew, anyway, I personally feel like we are not as bad as before, so use your Creative Minds & Start Something New!

These ladies are continuing into Intermediate & have begun their projects of a Mid-Knee Wide-Legged Goucho & a Pencil Skirt :) Remember Commercial Patterns, such as McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick sizes run SMALL. If you are a Size 8 in Ready to Wear, (which is somewhere btwn 38" - 38 1/2" Hip, you will probably be a Size 14 or more in these Patterns according to their Size Chart, which is on the Closure of the Pattern Envelope. These Commercial Patterns go up to a Size 12 (sometimes Size 14 for Missy), which means technically you would need to buy the Women's Patterns 1X-2X 3X etc. to accomodate 38 1/2" Hip Measurement.

Women's Patterns are made differently to accomodate additional purposes. So to avoid this possible dilemna, first make sure you know your Bust, Waist & Hip Measurements before purchasing a Pattern. Next, you can alter the Missy Patterns to fit your size by first measuring the Patterns Hip & Waist & then add the additional Width necessary, and you can always take out of the Waist by creating a Dart, which is what we had to do in The Art of Intermediate Sewing Class.

Now, it is best to do a Pre-Fit to determine the best area in need of adding the Width, because it may not need to be added all @ the Outseam (if you're making a pant) or @ the Sideseams (if you are making a Shirt) This gets into light Patternmaking Corrections, which is my field of study ;) This is another reason I highly recommend taking The Art of Flat Patternmaking. Not only will you be able to make Your Own Patterns according to Your Own Size, but you will understand the principle of Pattern Development & how one things affects another. So I'll let you know how their Projects progress to the end of April. 

April's Beginner's Sewing has begun along w/Patternmaking. I have some more very creative Students using their minds to expand their territory, one interested in making Boxing Gloves & another who is all about the Colors & uses her creativity to reconstruct her daughter's clothing from head to toe! Maybe she will allow me to post a pic of one of the outfits she added ribbons & additional designs to make her child's outfit unique. In the mean time, here is a pic of one of the projects (pretty pin cushion) Beginner's learn to make made by Danele. This one looks edible :)


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