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Oh My, What a Month! Hello Readers!!!

Ok, to catch you up, I am done w/this Semester (for those that are unaware, I am in Bible School & Seminary p/t for my Master's. I am in the last prerequisite Class before the Master's Program begins, and it has been 1 intense year. So I had a couple of final reports to write. In the meantime, remember (you probably don't :), but one of my blogs, I said I had something to share & it's I'm Moving! ;) It's official, and I will be closing soon into my New Condo in less than 2 weeks!!! Hurray! I Am So Excited! so I have been busy packing & packing & packing some more, (which is the reason, I havent had much time to blog) No more renting but Owning! I highly recommend you to be a Homeowner! It is a long process & I will be more than happy to share w/you a bit of the process in the next blog. Save your money so when the opportunity presents itself, you will be ready ;) You can Do it! So with the move, Soul Collections will have its own room w/more space & freedom.

Sew what's been happening? Beginner's started off w/a bang! w/their Pin Cushions, which look like Jeweled Miniature Pillows ;) & Lunch Totes! I bought some new fabric designed Vinyl frm for the Tote & 1 of the students wants to make Boxing Gloves. This fabric is perfect for him to begin with! Every month @ Soul Collection's Sewing Room, students learn how to Sew w/some challenging Projects, and it is also an outlet for students to explore their ambitions in sewing or generally in anything. It's a creative outlet for students to be themselves :)

Well Intermediate Students made a Pencil Skirt, Short Sleeve Woven Shirt w/Placket & Peter Pan Collar, w/the Collar Drafted by the Student Mary :) And a very Cute Gaucho Pant! We had to add to the Width of course, because these Commercial Pattern Sizes are still using Sizes that are approximately 4x smaller than the American Standard Measurements. Sew always, before Cutting the Pattern out, make sure you measure the Pattern & compare to your measurements & add to the Width if necessary. You can always take out of the Fabric w/a Dart for Shaping @ the Waist.

Victoria's Pant is not quite finished, she still has to hem it & finish the Waistband & she wanted to add Belt Loops. But Victoria tried it on & it fit well. We took in a little more of the Dart @ the Back Waist, because the fabric was gapping.

And last but certainly not least we had Flat Patternmaking as well, and Candice learned how to draft the Basic Slopers that forms the Basic Dress, which is the foundation for every Design.
I'll be back soon ;)


  Barbara McDowell

May 29, 2011 at 9:47 AM

Last year I read where Gaucho Pants were coming back. Why did they ever leave? They are so comfortable, and with the right fit are good for any shape.

By the way...lovely site, very inviting...I wish I lived in your area.

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