Sewing Patterns ~ Moving Forward

Hello Readers!!! ;)

I have been Moving! into my New Condo ;) I am officially a Home Owner ;) no more Renting, but Owning. A Door (spiritually speaking) has opened. I would love to chat w/you about the spiritual realm, but that's in my other blog ;) Sew, Back to Sewing!!!!!! Incidentally, I do not have internet access hooked up  in my new place yet, which is restraining me from blogging, but here are some pics I would love to share w/you. now, Soul Collection's has its Own Sewing Room, which I will share those pics a little later.  

I also have an Intern, Tanisha, who was a former Student & now a continuing Student in Intermediate Sewing, but a Life Learner in Fashion. Tanisha actually volunteered asking if she could Intern for Soul Collections, and as she is Learning & Doing, she is helping me to get Soul Collection's Patterns Launched. That's right Soul Collections will soon be launching its Own Designer Pattern Collection consisting of Easy to Sew, Fashionable Silhouettes that Fit ;) and are Sized according to the American Standardized Measurements :).  Tanisha started this week & has learned how to draft a Tunic & a Sleeve in 2 - 2 1/2" hour sessions! She is completely elated! And I am completely Thankful! Tanisha is a Blessing!

Sew, Please Stay Tuned...



June 12, 2011 at 11:35 AM

Gr8 to see Soul Collections moving forward! Congrats on the new space! Nice pics 2!!! God bless

Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses