Summer Sessions ~ Internship

Hello Readers :)

Soul Collection's first class completed this month :) in my new place on Gates ;). Summer Sessions for The Art of Beginner's Sewing fee is only $100 until September. Sew join us for these Affordable Classes before the Fall/Winter Sessions begin, (which are incidentally are still affordable :).

Again, I love my students! It is so amazing to see what achievements they accomplish starting from nothing to Something. My students are usually w/in the 26 year old range, I am realizing, with big dreams. And this is the ripe age to fulfill it! However, if you are beyond this age, it is never too late. I started out late going to College @ the ripe age of 26 but was driven by my own passion & dreams.  Sew what motivates you?

Here is Krystle's Bag :) Krystle went from not knowing Anything, to Sewing Pin Cushion, a Vinyl Bag & a Boxer Short. And now her mom wants her to make Golf Bags ;) This may be her side gig!

Here is Sherlly's Designer Bag ;) 
So come & join us @ Soul Collections & don't forget to check out the Course Schedule for Classes being offered.

And lastly, but certainly not least, Tanisha, my Intern is doing Amazing with helping Soul Collection's Projects. She is learning how to make Patterns & I have given her an assignment to design some variations of a Pattern Soul Collection's will be offering soon, as well as sewing Sew-by Samples for Show & Tell :)


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses