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I just got back from vacation in New Mexico on a Computerized Patternmaking Retreat :)  Vacation is not necessarily a need to do nothing, it's just doing something different from your day to day activities. So what I choose to do on my vacations is to go to Sewing & Craft Conventions upbuilding my skills, value & my Business :)
So, in light of my trip, I've been sort of in transition within other aspects of my life, which is representative of the Fall Season, which can be difficult @ times "When you don't know what to do." (song by Charles Billingsley, Country Gospel Singer). I like to figure out when adversity comes, where it is coming from? Why? and, Should I stay put or move on? Well in this particular case, I must stay put.

Sunrising in New Mexico
Cow hanging out

Casa Inn we stayed for the Patternmaking Retreat

Sew, in this Season, I still must keep my creative juices flowing, so I always hold on to words of encouragement.  I decided to create my own line of Patterns, because some of the Commercial Patterns I have do not fit properly nor the sizing as Ready to Wear, which most home sewers are aware of, but I choose to have patterns more closely to American Standard Sizing so the size 10 girl is not needing a 1X Size Pattern, (which will most likely still need adjustments to fit Missy Proportions), because her size is about 3x bigger than the size 10 listed on the Pattern Envelope. 
Tanisha, my intern has been a big help in the launching of Soul Collection's Patterns as she learns how to Flat Sketch, Measure, Sew & Draft Patterns. She is also a continuing student with Soul Collections & completed her first Dress.

Tanisha's Sleeveless Tank Dress w/Empire Waist, Lined @ the Top w/Inverted Pleats, Princess Seams & Side Zipper. (needs some ironing, but overall Looks Great!)
Most of my students are in their early to mid 20's. And I really encourage these girls to fulfill their dreams. This age group of young people, I would say is @ a time in their lives when they need to be guided to make the right decisions, career paths & be encouraged to pursue their dreams. 

 In this group, I have a student who is interested in designing clothing for Plus Size Women (which incidentally is a Profitable Market, if one knows how to Fit) Plus Size is not making everything Wide & then the garment does not fit close to the body, nor the Sleeves Fit close under the arms. There are ways of manipulating the Pattern (two-dimensional) where it accomodates the Fullness of the Body, but does not look overly sized.  There is so much you can learn w/Patternmaking & I am still learning after 13 yrs of experience, while I yet maintain the skill by doing. Patternmaking is an Art, which brings me to my other student, whose Father is a Patternmaker & made her a Sportsbra Wife Beater to wear under her uniform when she was in highschool so she could play sports but still be conservative :) Sabine wants to learn how to sew to be just as innovative. I also have a student taking classes for Interior Design, which our 1st project may have given her ideas for some Interior Decorating w/the Pillowcase Pincushions :)

And, last but certainly not least is my student frm Tennesee who works f/t as an Asst Teacher & p/t in Real Estate, but yet is pursuing her dream to have her own Fashion Line. She is a real go-getter destined to succeed! 


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses