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 Hello Everyone :)

So we are going to talk a little bit about Patternmaking this month, which envelopes my Career as a Technical Designer Manager. I learned how to sew @ an early age w/my mom having me watch her & then teaching me how to thread the machine. I spent a lot of time watching my mom. And later she would take me to get the Commercial Patterns no matter how hard it was :). And I would make my clothes. So when I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, I took Patternmaking Technology for my Associates Degree, because I wanted to make my own Patterns! But little did I know how involved Flat Patternmaking was of what you don't see behind the scenes.

It is a whole other world of Creativity, but also challenging your mind to Analytical Thinking to develop a Pattern from a Sketch or Correct a Pattern for Fit, which is where my expertise comes in :) Drag lines on a garment indicate a Problem & where the drag lines point to indicates the Solution.  So throughout my journey, I learned by Doing.  I learned the principles of Patternmaking in college, but it wasn't until I had to correct a Pattern that I realized how 1 little curve line not squared (crossmarking) or a misplaced notch or a line not trued (blended together w/another line & forced to sew together) can cause uneven matching sides, pointed or restricted/puckering seamlines.  If you lower or raise your Armhole, you either need to raise or lower you Shoulder Slope or raise or lower your Cap Height in order for the Sleeve to fit back into the same Armhole & Increase or Decrease the Sleeve Inseam. The Professors were Excellent & very knowledgable @ F.I.T, however, they were not in the Technical Design field to explain situations to the students as to why certain things were done & the importance of doing them. The Professors were natural Patternmakers w/years of experience who knew how to draft Patterns from a Sketch, but unless you knew the right questions to ask, (which I didn't know what to ask) they taught us how to draft Patterns from a Sketch. So I teach @ Soul Collections all the issues you may have on an "if & then" basis (if you do this, then that will happen)

 And now, Soul Collections is Introducing Computerized Garment Designer Patternmaking ;)
Computerized Flat Patternmaking is User Friendly, but it also figures out some of the hard potential problems w/the Relationship btwn the Armhole & Sleeve for you ;) when you have symmetry on. In my opinion, if you learn the Basic Principles of Flat Patternmaking, you will be more energized to design on Computerized Garment Designer Patternmaking & see your creations be executed faster :), but if you don't know Flat Patternmaking, you can still be successful learning how to use this Software available thru Soul Collections. The Pattern above is the Wrap Dress below & wallah!!!

Stay Tuned to Soul Collections & I look forward to sharing w/you all :)


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