Garment Designer Computerized Patternmaking

Hi Everybody!

Remember my vacation to New Mexico? Well, now, Soul Collections offers a new Product & Course to her Collections ;) Garment Designer Computerized Patternmaking!! Garment Designer is a Patternmaking Software from Cochenille Design Studio's that is User Friendly for even a Beginner desiring to make their own Patterns for Sewing or Knitting! :) The software is designed for Windows or Mac Users.

Garment Designer has built in Styles, such as a Vest, Basic Skirt, Pant, Surplus, Straight Sleeve, Dolman Sleeve, Dress, Underwear & Basic Slopers just to name a very few of the mix & match built in silhouettes, and then you Build on these Patterns Designing & Creating them for your personal style by Click & Drag Pattern Editing. Garment Designer provides Custom Fit Options not only for Women, but for Children, Plus Size, Men, Petites, & Dolls!! :)  
Sew if your interested in making your Own Patterns such as this Wrap Dress
to make this

or my specialty, Jackets

Garment Designer is easy enough for a Beginner to use & comes with an extensive Manual.  The software also provides the Final Pattern Marker with recommendations of fabric yardage or yarn to purchase for your project.

It is the best software, user friendly I have used & highly recommend for anyone desiring to take your Creative mindset & Sewing or Knitting Skills to the next level :)


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