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Well every year for the past 5 years, I am always busy writing papers in the Fall/Winter Seasons into the Spring, which it gets a little hectic, as I am ending Post Grad 11 Spring Semester & preparing to enter the Master's Program next year. But Soul Collection's is Always still bringing Life to a new Soul Student :)

Henry just finished my newly introduced Class, Men's Patternmaking! Henry is in his early 20's & currently in college for his Engineering Degree, but has a gift to design. So his skill w/numbers & graphs helped him Draft the Slopers w/ease, and Henry is anticipating making his Designs come to Life! I love the ambition of these young people :) And even if you're not that young, now is the time to make your dreams come true!

Henry drafted the Front & Back Upper Body, Straight Set in Sleeve & the Classic Men's Pant Slopers based on his measurements corresponding w/the Men's Standard Measurements. The Slopers are the foundation to drafting & designing any other styles. Men's Patterns do not have a Dart in the Front Body as Women's Patterns do, but men's patterns do have a dart in the Back Pattern. So, I found teaching Men's Patternmaking was easier than Women's ;). We need the Darts in the Front for the hollows in our bodies below the bust that creates the curves :) Men are basically straight & do not need the excess taken out in the front upper body, unless it is for a Design feature.  I also learned, that Men's Armholes are basically the same, because Men do not have a bust, therefore the elongated curve @ the front pattern's armhole is not necessary. So it was quite fun comparing the differences. Once the Slopers are created, they need to be retraced & then add seam allowance to make a Pattern that can be sewn together. The Slopers are never to be manipulated, because they are the foundation, slopers always need to be retraced to create something else ;)

Henry completed his set of Slopers & Patterns and he's coming back next year January to start designing from his Slopers :). Henry had shown me his sketch book & he is actually very good. I am very proud of him. Henry received his Certificate of Completion, which lit up his eyes as he said "Wow, This makes it all the more worth it." Sometimes, we just need a little boost to build our confidence.

2012 is going to be a Great Year! Now is the time to set some goals for yourself & do them! It doesn't take much, but initiative. has the legal forms needed for all of those interested in starting your own business.

Talk to you on Christmas Day, it's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
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