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...Long Time, Too Long! Well I have loads to share w/you, concerning myself, but first to my students :) Remember Krystle, I highlighted her in my last blog where she was making a Pant in Soul Collection's Intermediate Sewing Classes to show as part of her portfolio in order to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) Well guess who got accepted into the Menswear Fashion Design Program?!! Krystle Harrington!!!! I am So Happy for Krystle getting accepted into this school, that words can't express it!!! Krystle's determination to pursue & succeed is going to take her Great places in life. Krystle did not know how to sew until she came to Soul Collection's Beginner's Sewing Classes following after her hidden desire to be a designer. I believed in her & I am very happy to say Soul Collection's helped to contribute to the 1st steps of her success outside of her making a decision to pursue her dreams. Krystle scanned her acceptance letter to share w/me & I share w/you...:)

This is just what Soul Collection's is all about.  I started the business with my vision inspired upon the up building of lives for the betterment of life & there will be more future success stories to come. Soul Collection's Sewing classes & Patternmaking classes are affordable mainly to help inner city youth be able to attend and learn a skill or discover a creative outlet, so they can use their energy constructively and not destructively. And because these classes are affordable, every one else also benefits from them. Sew, tell a friend about Soul Collections. ;)

"The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure."

And as for me, I have been officially self-employed now for a month strictly taking care of Soul Collections ;) I've been in the Fashion Industry in my career as a Technical Designer climbing the ladder to become a Sr. Technical Design Manager, absolutely loving what I do. But I came to the realization last year that my peace of mind means so much more to me than a paycheck, and it was just one of those defining moments in my life, in which I have had 4 that absolutely changed my life for the better, and this was the 5th one. Will I go back to working full-time in the Fashion Industry? time will tell, but for now, I am happily enjoying my freedom, my peace & happiness, my business, and this Beautiful Weather in March :) (in N.Y. we are in the 70's, a record high since 1923!) As I recognize the value of Time, I'll be back next week w/some more updates on Soul Collection's Fashion Patternmaking Students, the Jacket Specialization Sewing Class, the progression of Soul Collection's Patterns along w/my Seasonal Jacket line.

"Every human has received the same amount of Time.  The difference is how you choose to invest and manage your Time".....stay tuned to Soul Collections.


Soul Collection Courses

Soul Collection Courses